The Reckoning: Firsthand Report on BP Spill

05.27.10: Drew Wheelan, Gulf Conservation Coordinator for the American Birding Association has been in Southeastern Louisiana on the Gulf and Grand Terre Island for almost two weeks assessing the impact of the BP spill. The region not only provides 1/3 of the seafood consumed in the U.S. but is a stopover and nesting site for millions of birds that migrate annually from the northern to southern hemisphere.

The headline?  Many Gulf fisherman make their year’s income this time of year and the marinas are empty. There are miles of ineffectual boom washed ashore and no one around to reposition it.  According to Wheelan, BP and the Feds are treating this as a “9-5″ problem when, in fact, this is Katrina for all aquatic and avian ecosystems–the very existence of which are in jeopardy.

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